DJ Haley on ETA:Give, Big Data, and Nonprofits

Dj Haley (middle), co-founder and former VCU teammate Rob Brandenberg (left), and ETA:Give Director of Marketing Jeremy Senseng (right)

DJ Haley joins the podcast, filling us in on his latest initiative ETA: Give—an innovative platform making it super easy and painless for nonprofits to collect donations. Waxing eloquent on big data, social change, and lessons learned from coach Shaka Smart, you won’t want to miss this episode with DJ Haley.

01:00 Empowerment Through Action
03:00 Coming Up With ETA
04:30 On Big Data
06:00 Transparency and Problem solving
07:20 ETA Going Forward
09:20 Innovating Like a for-profit
11:10 Rebranding from Empower Card
14:12 Resources and Mindset
16:04 Overcoming Hurdles
17:20 Gaining and Applying Knowledge
20:00 Redefine the ETA on Social Change
24:02 First Principles Thinking

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