Dr. Kyle Adams

In this episode with Dr. Kyle Adams we dive into some of his contrarian views and the changes he would like to see made to how personal trainers are educated in the United States. We also get into why and how he is breaking the traditional model as a PT, entrepreneur, Board-Certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. He shares his experience with starting a business and points to some great resources for staying on the cutting edge of fitness.

Mentioned: West End Crossfit

3:50 The Importance of a Mentor
5:10 Andrew Rothschild

Virtual Mentors/Resources
6:15 TheFitCast with Kevin Larrabee
7:09 Eric Cressey
7:49 Mike Reinold

8:50 Why Dr. Adams became started his business
11:56 The importance of developing relationships
11:19 The E-Myth
14:48 Adams Performance

18:52 Blog Post: Caring More as a physical therapist
23:35 Physical Therapist Education Reform
26:37 Crossfit and Fitness Trends
36:26 How to find a mentor

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