Laura Smith, Co-Founder & Designer of Worse for Wear

Worse for Wear founder and designer, Laura Smith (left) on a big ol' orange Harley


This episode features an interview with Laura Smith, co-founder and designer at Worse for Wear, an awesome women’s motorcycle apparel company operating in Richmond, Virginia. I get schooled on design, fashion, selvedge denim and more. I had a lot of fun talking with Laura about her business and motorcycles, I hope you enjoy our conversation too.

03:45 Fit, Form, and Function
05:13 Women’s Measurement Project
07:06 User Experience Designer
09:08 On Not Making Assumptions
10:23 Naming Worse For Wear
15:51 Laura’s “Practice Business”
17:43 Learning Moments
20:50 Making Jeans
26:15 Was is Selvedge Denim?
31:25 Women Motorcycling
35:20 On Success
37:00 Favorite Books/Author- Charles Strauss
41:36 Advice for 20 year old self

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Twitter: @WorseWear